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saewulf asked:

I was wondering if there is a private post function like the DNR and DNI tags?

Not yet - it's not something that's been requested before. That said I don't think it'd be too hard to add, I'll ask in the Discord how other sites implement it/whether that's right for us, and see if I can get it done by end of day.

EDIT: Scratch that, adding it to the stable milestone instead, an implementation that makes sense will need a little longer.

saewulf asked:

Is the Tumblr importer going to be an all post or selective post system?

Depends, ultimately, on whether reblogs are included. I know folks want them to be but there's some concerns around being able to have the content on the site - the original posters might not want their stuff on Waterfall, and including reblogs removes some of that control (and we obviously can't get consent before showing it).

I'm leaning towards original posts only for the moment, but I'd like to have user selectability in there as well to exclude some types of posts if you want to.