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Hey all - image re-conversion is almost done, with about 4 hours left on the clock. Given 90%+ of the images on the site work now I went ahead and removed the banner. For the techies wondering, the storage burden of images has increased from 60.7GB with just WebP, to 580GB with legacy formats (and still going up thanks to the last 10%).

While that's been going on, there's been plenty of hotfixing going on behind the scenes. You can see more or less what's been fixed on the GitHub, but first, two major things that need going over.

First, audio posts - they've been changed a bit! A couple users started to upload podcasts to the site, which is fantastic. To help support this kind of content, audio posts now behave similarly to video posts - the audio is queued for conversion, and then the post will go live once it's finished. This should help alleviate the timeout errors people have been getting on longer audio files.

Second, there's been a significant uptick in artists neither tagging NSFW on their pieces, nor marking their blogs NSFW if they're an adult artist. I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that tagging NSFW is not optional. The site cannot prevent minors from seeing NSFW if you don't tag it, and, ignoring the legal and ethical ramifications for the site of letting that continue, having NSFW out in the open all but guarantees Waterfall will not be able to get an app released if it's easily accessible to minors. It's the sort of thing that makes sites eventually end up being hostile to NSFW creators, and I really don't want that to happen here. Repeated failure to tag NSFW at a minimum bars you from being searchable and at worst is a bannable offence, so please make sure your adult works are tagged, and your blog flagged if it's your main thing. Tagging it is as simple as adding "nsfw" as a tag.

Thank you, and see you soon for the next slightly more major update.

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is it possible to add a toggle button for NSFW ? Engagement with buttons is often MUCH higher than engagement with tags, and if the button is big enough or forces engagement before posting, then it becomes that much easier to root out the people who are willfully refusing to use it.

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Heya! As an admitted perpetrator, I would suggest that the NSFW tagging rule be made both more clearly worded and Impossible to miss. I see that others have goofed as well, and can only imagine it will keep happening. Apologies, I think artists often can't afford to put all our eggs/attention in one basket/site, and thus might miss that which isn't blatantly obvious! Wishing success for this site tho, I very much admire the anti-art theft function for example. 🙏

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I did find out about the necessity of tagging your adult work as #NSFW shortly after I joined the site, but for such an important rule I feel like it's very easy to miss; some friends I told to join had no idea because it's not clear. The instructions are vague even in the FAQ, and I only found out about it through digging deeper for completely unrelated information regarding Waterfall. Would it be possible to have a line of text regarding #NSFW tagging rules above the "Post" button?

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How do I tag my post as NSFW? I saw the option to tag my blog as nsfw but I don't see it for my post?

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