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The re-conversion process for images is now underway, and is about 5% done - thoes of you on older devices should start seeing stuff again soon. I'll keep the warning there until it's at 95% done or so just so any new users know what's happening. This'll also fix the low quality on older images, I cranked that setting way up. You don't need to do anything to have those fixed, it'll happen automatically when it gets to those images.

One small side effect - a very small number of blogs have their avatars bugged right now. This is fixable simply by re-uploading the avatar. Not many blogs should have been affected before I caught it, but it's worth mentioning just in case.

One further note - I'm aware that editing image and art posts currently doesn't show the image stuff, meaning you can't re-order or change the images in there right now - I know about this, and re-adding it is my current priority. Sorry if you need that in the meantime, I'll get it back in as fast as I can.

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how do u... save settings? like I turn off email notifications but then they're on, I can't get my pfp to stay there, etc.

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