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Welcome Back

If you're seeing this, it means that the update is out, and I made it through the frantic few hours of emergency bug fixes that were inevitable from people who aren't me starting to use the site.

What's Changed?

For the most part, the site should look more or less the same - this wasn't a UI update (see my previous posts for details on how aesthetically challenged I am), save for a few QoL updates. On the backend though, everything has changed. This means we're out of beta.

Does that mean no more changes?

The opposite actually! The beta marker is honestly arbitrary, and now we're in the "perpetual development forever" phase. In the footer below, you'll see a link to report bugs and request features. You can use that to tell me what you want, and, over time, it'll be added if enough people also want it.

What's Next?

For the next day or so, I'll be in triage mode - there's bound to be a few more bugs I've missed (especially minor ones - a few have already been reported). I'll be steadily working through those until we're bug free, then I'll start introducing the holdout features I mentioned - things like giveaway posts, comic mode, etc. Once THOSE are in, I'll work on whatever you guys vote on below first, alongside the app - after all, the whole point of this rewrite was to make the app easier.

This has been a shorter post than usual, but understandable - the whole process left me a little exhausted, so there's not many words to say right now. In the meantime, if you encounter any major bugs or missing features - the only one intentionally missing is chat posts, since those were only ever glorified text posts anyway - let me know in the Discord. Otherwise, use the GitHub form to report them and I'll start working through them after a little rest.

In the meantime - welcome back!

What major feature should be added first, after bug triage is finished?

18.994413407821% of votes
Commission Market 2.0 18%
26.815642458101% of votes
UI overhaul 26%
11.731843575419% of votes
Advanced Blog Activity 11%
24.022346368715% of votes
Themes 24%
18.435754189944% of votes
Disregard new features; get the app done first 18%

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Thank you for the dyslexia friendly font.

saewulf commented on this post:

Thank you for the dyslexia friendly font.

saewulf commented on this post:

Thank you for the dyslexia friendly font.

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