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Commission Market 2.0

As most artists have probably heard by now, DeviantArt is being anti-artist again, which is pretty interesting considering what their site is. Given Waterfall's whole existence is spiting one site, why not spite another in the same stroke?

Below is a copy paste from the Twitter thread.

So - The Commission Market might be dead in its current form, but after seeing how terrible DA is doing things, I'll be redesigning and rewriting it from scratch. This time, I'll be taking a different approach.

First, the fees - the old CM took 5% as a sort of insurance policy for you. The basic idea: We'd pay for any chargebacks out of pocket, and have a nice, fancy place where you could hash out all the terms of what was going on.

Ultimately, this was pointless - a few people bypassed it and when they didn't, we only got cents anyway. While it saved a few people's asses, it was hard to get set up with the payment processor and Waterfall itself only got something like 3 cents anyway. Not worth the effort. So, in the relaunch of the CM, we'll ditch that.

Instead, you can use whatever payment processor you want, and you'll be able to offer whatever you want too. Adopts, bases, knitted woolen blankets, whatever. Make your listing, add your tags, and let folks filter down to see what they want. Easy.

There won't be any fees for this, per se, though most people are in agreement that I should probably make it so you at least have to be a patron to have a listing on there. That'd be $1 a month, if I don't decide to make it completely public for free.

Regardless, I want to finish the rewrite of the core site for now - so this'll be January, February time most likely, so I can get it all done properly. Artists are VERY welcome to give feature requests in the meantime.

Hop in the Discord to request features!

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cosmicrot commented:

maybe if people didn't literally lie and break TOS to not give waterfall money it wouldn't have to be patreon stuff. Seriously makes me so mad people were doing that.

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pumpkin commented:

I personally don't think the patron idea is a very good one, as a lot of people who have comms as their sole source of income probably can't afford to be a patron, even if it's only a dollar per month. (I know I can't, since things have been tight for me since early last year)

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silver commented:

excellent to hear, thank you. i hope this pans out better. i'm personally likely to be able to actually use this new marketplace as well... if there aren't plans to allow links to off-waterfall commission TOS and forms then i do request that be at least considered. linking everything back to my own website mitigates having to rehash the same information a bunch of times.

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so this is essentially the advertising platform, not exactly buyingselling one? (since with physical goods stuff is different). and the protection from scam artistsbyers and all the stages where you can only view hq result after you pay will also be ditched?

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jayzx535 commented:

So glad to see the commission marketplace returning! Here's hoping it goes better this time around. I'd gladly become a patron to get access to it tbh, that's more than fair considering the site would be acting as a platform for me to be able to sell my art. In any case, I wish you the best with both the rewrite and the new CM!

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