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Waterfall FAQ

Community Update - September 2020

In August, we...

  • Began testing the new database

  • Finished the video transcode system

  • Finalised the spec of Waterfall 1.0

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 32,029 users, 51,875 blogs, and 407,230 posts.

Site News

This month has been very busy in terms of code stuff, but also very boring. The most interesting stuff - we've finally finished the video transcoder, and it works very well! Uploaded videos will now have multiple qualities to choose from, which should help mobile users out a lot. This also, for those who've been keeping up, forms the basis of the video management software stack for Glacier. Currently, it's only producing two qualities, but is easily extendable to have more.

In other news, I made the decision to migrate to a new database stack. There are many reasons for this - mostly being performance and reliability - and there'll be a full post-mortem after the fact, since it'll be a long post. But, this is sort of the right timing to do it - we're doing an overhaul and getting it out of the way now is better than doing it later when it'll take so much longer to do. The only thing that DOESN'T seem to work is... avatars. Considering everything else is so overcomplicated compared to those, that's pretty hilarious actually.

These two things complete the trifecta of things we needed to get the new stuff running, and, as I type this post, a test run is happening on the dev server. If it works - amazing, I can get on with developing the core site, and you can expect performance to be a LOT better going forward.

Speaking of which - the spec for Waterfall 1.0 has been finalised. Assuming the test above passes, the next few days will be spent auditing the existing code and seeing which of the 183 open issues can be closed because the code is already there. I'm expecting a fair few to be closable since it's basically just a big list of everything on the site and that we wanted to add, and just needs powering through, effectively.

Sorry this one is so short - I'm not sure whether you guys would be interested in more technical posts or not. If you are, let me know in the comments and I'll do a supplemental!

Oh right, release date for the overhaul - I'm aiming for it being done by the second anniversary, on the 10th December. Or 17th if you want to go by the first ad post. Either way, that's my personal aim.

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