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Waterfall FAQ

Community Update - May 2020

Cough and sneeze into your elbows!

In April, we...

  • Finished the basics of the API, formally starting the frontend work for both the app and the new desktop site

  • Beefed up our internal security and started planning the new infrastructure

  • Added pride badges and themes for all users

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 29,657 users, 49,251 blogs, and 351,093 posts.

Community Shoutouts

This month's shoutout goes to @dohz who is posting puzzles every week! Giving your brain a workout is essential to your mental health with the world as it is right now, so give it a go!

Site News

The first is the API stuff - at long last, we're in a position where we can start making it actually look like something. There's still some features missing, but everything relating to users and blog interactions is now tested, as is retrieving posts. Making posts still needs some work, since we're introducing a new post type, and I want to redesign the workflow to be a bit nicer on different post types.

Additionally, some improvements have been made along the way - for example, tag blocking now reads the tags of the OP as well for the purposes of both blocklists and NSFW checks. Code to get a tag history has been added, and on the technical side, the number of database calls has been halved. In lab conditions, getting my main blog's dashboard takes 67ms on average with the new system, compared to the current system's 180ms average. This is assuming the posts have been loaded by someone recently, however - if every post is new to the system that day, it takes an average of 130ms instead. Still an improvement! It also means less bandwidth usage for people.

Second of all - most of you are probably aware of stuff going down with the bisexual flag right now. Obviously, it's stupid, and the actual creator has declared the flag free to use by anyone. To that end, we've gone ahead and got off our asses to add pride flag badges, and are working on themes to go with some of them. Most badges are up - there's a couple (the most commonly requested being aro) that still need graphics making, but those'll be added within a few days. Themes are also being actively worked on by the design team while the programming team works their magic so they can do stuff for the new site, and we'll be adding those periodically too. So far, the trans pride theme is available, with the lesbian pride theme coming as soon as they stop crying long enough to fix my attrocious colouring abilities. NB pride will be next, followed by at a minimum, four others. It's likely not every flag will get its own theme purely because of time and resource constraints, but we're hoping we'll get most of them. The rewrite might provide facilities for you guys to fill in the rest of the blanks as well as other themes, we'll see how that goes.

We realise "Hey! We wrote code!" isn't super exciting, and it's a far cry from the old days where we were pushing updates and new features out every other day. Hopefully, with the app finally starting to take shape and the eldritch, spaghetti like horror of the code I wrote a year ago finally being turned into something approaching modern standards and being more manageable, those days will return again soon. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with us, and stay safe!

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