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Waterfall FAQ

Community Update - April 2020

Hello, good evening, and remain indoors!

This month's update comes a few days earlier thanks to the first of the month being April Fools Day, we decided to get it out of the way to prevent any confusion. We're not intending on doing anything for it, but why risk it?

In March, we...

  • Made significant headway on the backend rewrite

  • Lowered our commission marketplace fees to help artists cope during the current crisis

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 29,211 users, 48,751 blogs, and 333,277 posts.

The Waterfall Folding Team has crunched 1,128 work units for a total of 10,381,579 points, and is currently 3,276 of 244,538 teams on the leaderboard!

Community Shoutouts

This month, some honourable mentions are due! This is a new section for these updates, and might not be present in all of them. However, sometimes we come across something that deserves wider recognition, and that's what this section is for.

First, @fancybits gets a shoutout for producing some excellent tutorial posts on a range of things useful in everyday life, but particularly useful right now! Everything from art to clothes repair is covered, and there's some pretty tasty looking recipes too.

Second, @sentiniel gets a shoutout for developing a Quick Reblog extension for Waterfall! While we still intend to build it into the site proper eventually, this is an excellent stopgap solution, and we're looking forward to feedback on how it works.

Site News

First off, a reminder - the raffle for the app beta is still open! It'll close at midnight UK time on the 1st April, with the drawing taking place later that week. To enter, simply follow @app-dev from one of your blogs. Note that following multiple times does NOT give you more entries, and empty blogs will be excluded - only active users, please.

This month has mostly been spent working on the API logic. There's a couple of ways we can proceed from where we are now. First, we can hold off on getting new stuff out unttil it's done and dusted. A downside of that is that is that the desktop and app versions get delayed launches, since the changes made will require both to be in sync. The second alternative is hold off on the UI update and gradually update the current build with any new features. This means the app beta can start sooner since the desktop site will be in line with the app's changes, but means the new UI will be further off, since it'd be a bit much for the resources available to do all of that at once. The second option is the most likely solution - while that way the desktop version wouldn't be using the API itself, it would be hooking directly into the site logic itself, the same way it does now. That way, we can test that everything works the way it's meant to. A third option is a sort of hybrid - we modify the current build of the site to use the API as we go and, once tested, begin the UI rewrite proper. This one has advantages in that testing is done "properly" and there's less wasted code, but does mean that the site will likely be a little bit buggier. Given how quickly we fix bugs usually, this shouldn't be a major issue, but it's still something that we're hestitant on. We'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on whether to go with option two or three!

Another significant portion of time has been spent both relaxing and getting set up for true remote working. While nobody ever comes to the office and everyone works remotely anyway other than the guy who literally lives there, we're on a big push internally to get everyone on staff knowing at least basic coding - the theory there is that then, the artists on staff don't need to use finger puppets to explain what they want implemented, and can have a go at it themselves, with just cleanup and testing done by the more experienced coders. This should, in theory, mean the art and commission systems get a big boost in utility since those on staff who use them most will be able to work on them, as well as, hopefully, making hiring new staff easier in future.

In other news, the Folding team has taken off! Details are in the last community update on how to join the effort. We'll be making the team a permanent presence even after COVID-19 is no longer an issue, and badge awarding will be automated in future too. We'll also be adding a few tiered badges to it to encourage people to participate permanently instead of only running it for one work unit. In the meantime, those who've contributed so far - you'll be awarded your badges in the next few days. Thank you for taking part!

There'll likely be another update in the middle of next month. See you then!

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