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Waterfall FAQ

Community Update - March 2020 (and the App raffle!)

In February, we...

  • Rewrote the blocking system from scratch, giving us - as far as we know - the most comprehensive and foolproof blocking system of any social media site that we've tested

  • Rewrote the activity page to be vaguely functional

  • Started distributing the first badges

  • Added Invite Links (you can make them in your blog settings!)

  • Released our final update before the backend rewrites to bring you the app!

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 29,024 users, 48,488 blogs, and 315,154 posts.

Site News

Two big things we want to talk about this month! The app beta, and some science stuff. We'll do the science stuff first.

While we're using our computers, it's not really doing anything. As a species, we've managed to trick rocks into thinking for us, and it can think a few billion things a second, but most of the time, for most of us, it's not having to. Why not give it something to do? Enter Folding@Home!

The team behind the project recently took up the fight against COVID-19, but traditionally has focused on conditions such as cancer, Parkinson's, Alzhiemer's, and Huntington's Disease. The basic gist of the project - use your computer's spare resources to simulate how molecules interact with each other, in the hopes of figuring out the cause of these illnesses and potential drugs to target them. On a personal level, I've been running the project on my computers since the mid 2000s, and it's a good feeling knowing I'm contributing. So, we're taking it a step further - Waterfall wants to help!

For those so inclined, you can install the Folding software and let it run - either while you're working, or just set it to run while you're idle (even the half hour you're cooking dinner helps!). Give yourself a name (one of your blogs would be a good choice, so we can find you for rewards) and set your Team ID to 235659 to join Waterfall's team! Occasionally, we'll hand out special badges (and potentially, other rewards) for those helping out. We're doing this as a trial run, but we're hoping to expand to other distributed computing projects in future.

And now the bit most of you care about.

App Beta Raffle

It's finally happening. We've given ourselves a week off to decompress and study, and over the next few days, we'll gradually be easing in to working on the new framework. After some core stuff is designed, we'll be designing the app in parallel with the API. This means a beta isn't far behind at all, and, to make sure we're getting it right, we need testers! We have 150 or so from the Kickstarter, but we'd like more. So, raffle it is! Entering is pretty simple. Just go follow @app-dev.

That's it, you're entered.

There are a few rules though on eligibility:

  • One entry per user. We can tell which blogs belong to which user, so don't try it.

  • Users must be active. We're not putting any limitations on what kind of content you post, but we do need you to actually be someone who uses the site.

  • There's no minimum account age - users new and old (including joining after this is posted) can enter.

  • Android and iOS only. We're not doing BlackBerry or Windows Phone, sorry.

We'll do the drawing on 1st April, and exactly how many are drawn is still up in the air - but we're looking for at least 300 total testers, given our current user count. For those not lucky enough to get picked, don't despair - we'll be noting a few names down for handpicking as well based on their content and activity levels. The actual drawing amount will likely be a percentage of who enters if it goes above that figure, so please - spread the announcement around so we get a higher number of testers!

And unrelated - we rolled out invites! There's a couple badges up for grabs by bringing new people in, and anyone joining through one of your invite links will be automatically following you. Make them in your blog settings! Note that badge options won't show until you're elligible for one.

That's it for now!

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